Sir Francis Drake's World Voyage
Drake wanted to sail his whole life. He sailed for England, his hometown. Sir Francis Drake was the first Englishman to sail around the world!  In 1566 Drake went on his first voyage when he was 25 years old. He had 4 ships and 120 men.   On that voyage he was on his way to the Caribbean as slave trader with John Hawkins (also his cousin).  
Drake had lots of voyages in his life such as his voyage in 1568. That voyage was when the Spaniards destroyed one of his ships. From then on Drake had a life hatrid of the Spaniards. A voyage Drake was on a fierce storm came and destroyed his ship only two people surrvived and one of them was Drake. 
His most famous voyage was his voyage around the world. That voyage started in 1577 and ended in 1580. He had more that 160 men and five stout ships. Two of the five ships were supply ships and the other three were for the men. In that voyage he got many riches such as, gold, silver, and cargo.  He had to stop at the coast near San Francisco to repair one of his ships.