Great Explorer

Sir Francis Drake's around the world voyage made him a national hero. He was considered one of England's best explorers. Queen Elizabeth was very happy because she had a great explorer. Since she was so happy she knighted Drake on his ship.

What He Found

Sir Francis Drake found alot of gold, cargo, and silver.  Once he had to cut his journey short because he found so much gold, cargo, and silver. Drake was also one of the first English explorers to explore the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and the south of the Atlantic Ocean. Sir Francis Drake was also one of the first Europeans to see the west coast of Canada. Since he was one of the first English men to sail across the Pacific ocean they decided to name the passage he took the Drake Passage.

The Death

Sir Francis Drake had a wife but no kids.  His last voyage was in 1596. He died from a high fever, after losing a battle against Puerto Rico.  His crew decided to bury him at sea (letting him go in the water dead).